Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lady Powerscourt

Theodosia Anne Powerscourt, known as Lady Powerscourt, was born in the year 1800. She was the daughter of the Honorable Hugh Howard of Bushy Park, County Wicklow, Ireland. Theodosia Howard was converted to God in 1819, perhaps through Robert Daly, the rector of Powerscourt. Theodosia’s cousin, Frances Powerscourt, wife of Viscount Powerscourt (Richard Wingfield), died in May 1820. Theodosia married Richard Wingfield on June 29, 1822, and thus became Lady Powerscourt; Richard Wingfield died on August 9, 1823, a little over a year after their marriage. In 1826 prophetic meetings were first held in the residence (in Surrey, England,) of Henry Drummond, a banker and member of Parliament. Lady Powerscourt was interested in prophecy and attended these meetings. Impressed by these meetings, she initiated, perhaps in 1829, meetings for the study of prophecy at Powerscourt House. All who were interested were invited to come. After some time, she invited men from all over England, Scotland, and Ireland to her house for meetings. These meetings turned into annual Powerscourt conferences starting in 1831. Without going into the Scriptural truths which were brought out, it is believed that one result of these meetings at Powerscourt Castle was that the “Midnight Cry”—“Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him.”—of Matthew 25:6 was proclaimed. After 1833 the conferences were held in a hotel in Dublin, Ireland, due to Lady Powerscourt’s stepson becoming of age and heir to the title, taking up residence at the Castle; since she no longer felt it to be her house she moved to Dublin. (copied off some website...hope it is accurate...hmmm) Lady Powerscourt died in 1836.


knitterykate said...

Have you seen the book that contains her letters and papers? If you want to see it I have a copy that my late father-in-law gave me. I could bring it to the conference. Leave me a note on my blog.

Unknown said...

Hi sister Kate, I am interested in the letters and papers written by Lady Powerscourt. Could you please send them to me? Thank you so much. My email address is Hope you could see this comment after more than 13 years. Thank you again.